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On-Ice Segment

15 to 30 hours of on ice instruction.
1:3 or 1:2 Instructor/student ratio

Power Skating and Edges

Each on ice session begins with power skating drills that are developed specifically for goaltenders. These drills enhance the goaltenders mobility making them more agile on their skates.*Student Evaluation (each student will be evaluated individually on their skating and technical-speed)


All our drills are broken down and demonstrated by our instructors. These drills will focus on many different aspects of the game.

2 Boni Puck Machines

An extremely important tool in the teaching and training of goaltenders of all ages.


All our shooters maintain consistent shot accuracy and shot power. They are able to adjust their shots accordingly to the age and skill level of any goaltender. Our shooters are of the Pro, Jr. A and AAA caliber

Off-Ice Segment - 15hrs of off ice instruction

Our off ice portion will consist of video analysis- Their on ice performance is video taped and analyzed daily.


Our classroom session we believe is second to none. We pride ourselves in spending many hours in developing a booklet which consists of Strengths and Weaknesses, Goals, Video Analysis, Accomplishments, Promises, Mental Preparation and Positive Thinking Exercises, Facing Adversity Tips and NHL articles to be analyzed.

Psychological Training and Commitment

The Franco Canadian Goalie School believes that mental toughness and strength is the driving factor between success and failure. Being able to understand how to control the different challenges sent our way good or bad is vital in any individual’s growth. Many athletes are faced with different overwhelming challenges daily, the athlete that learns how to grasp and control what has been sent his/her way will overcome. We at the Franco Canadian Goalie School will give the knowledge and power through different mental preparation exercises, that will allow them to stand up and face their mental challenges head on.


All of our instructors are personally trained by David Franco. Our instructors are all competitively playing the game today either at the Pro, Junior or College level. All of our instructors wear their gear in order to demonstrate and breakdown drills, enabling our students to better understand the techniques being taught.

Dryland training

  • The type of Dryland training that will be focused on will be
  • goalie specific stretching and flexibility program
  • weight loss/gain
  • sports specific injury rehabilitation
  • diet and nutrition counselling
  • boxing cardio program
  • off-ice instruction for ages six and up


  Official NHL Goalie Coach of
Curtis Joseph & Jamie Storr

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